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Restraining Orders Attorney in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Taking Action to Protect Victims of Domestic Violence

At Schwei & Wendt, S.C., our attorneys help victims of domestic violence and their children obtain the legal protection they need. We work closely with clients throughout Waukesha County and southeastern Wisconsin. We can help you file for and receive a restraining order to protect you from dangerous individuals and environments.

Wisconsin’s Restraining Orders

Victims of domestic violence can obtain four primary types of temporary restraining orders (TROs):

  • Domestic abuse: Domestic abuse can apply to intentional infliction of physical pain, sexual assault, property damage, or other threatening behavior.

  • Child abuse: A parent may request a child abuse restraining order if the child is the victim of physical, emotional, or sexual violence.

  • Individuals at risk: An individual at risk may be an adult with physical or mental conditions that limit their ability to care for themselves. The person who is at risk, a family member, legal guardian, or social service worker can request the restraining order if there are signs of neglect, abuse, or exploitation.

  • Harassment: Courts may grant a harassment restraining order if your ex-spouse or another individual threatens you or makes physical contact with you in a harassing manner.

Put a Protective Order in Place

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Obtaining an Injunction

If the court grants the TRO petition, a judge will schedule an injunction hearing within 14 days. The court will then determine whether to grant an injunction against the abusive person. These injunctions typically last for four years. However, the judge may extend the injunction if necessary to protect the victims.

Our lawyers will act to secure a TRO as quickly as possible for you. Once the TRO is in place, we will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan tailored to obtain an injunction. Having resolved hundreds of family law and divorce-related cases in court, we understand how to argue effectively to help you get a favorable outcome.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

We know how frightening it can be to see an attorney if you or your child is a victim of domestic violence. Our firm focuses on fostering a safe, compassionate and confidential atmosphere so that you feel comfortable discussing your legal options.